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We integrate into your company processes by linking your strategy to execution practices and results improvement.

We design and implement comprehensive solutions for the continuous improvement of your business execution.

We create differentiated value based on:



to our clients


Ongoing investment and improvement

of our processes and technology



of our information

Our solutions

We help you streamline your main business execution processes by identifying the actions you need to take in order to maximize your return on investment.

Perfect OSA

Perfect Store

Commercial agreements





GDS Action

We generate intelligent and scheduled tasks by correlating various data sources. We set up a workflow of precise and prioritized instructions that ensure continuous improvement at the point of sale.



We share our proprietary data collection and management app with supervisors and shelf-stockers at the point of sale—a single information and communication platform that combines the client´s internal tasks with the planned and systematic field-surveys of our auditors.


Mystery shoppers and surveys

Get to know how your image and actions—as well as and those of your competitors—are perceived by consumers and retailers.


GDS Share of Voice Analytics

We monitor and record all the promotions appearing in print and social media to build market share dashboards that will provide you with insights into brand and category positioning.


GDS Perfect E-commerce

We assess your level of compliance with “Perfect online store” standards by means of web scraping processes that enable us to collect data on prices, assortment, stock availability and promotions on a daily basis for any product offered on the Web.


GDS Price Analytics

We collect data on product prices and promotions in all sales and communication channels, either physical or virtual, and integrate it into an online monitoring platform with a historical and comparative analysis of each category.

How we do it

> Analysis of your current goals
We interpret your information needs and offer support to help you reach your targets.
> We analyze new challenges together
Our services ensure scalability and adaptability to deal with all stages of your execution and to tackle new challenges.

> Field-survey scope
We configure a statistically representative scope to meet your objectives, independently of whether the field survey is performed by our operators or by your team using GDS DUO.
> Field-survey methodology
We design procedures that allow you to collect high-quality information from field surveys in stores.
> Analysis of multiple data sources
Unleash the power of your data by including business parameters, fill rate and other B2B data sources.

> RField survey, integration and quality control
We have stringent processes in place that ensure the consistency and quality of data, both collected through field surveys and integrated from other sources.

> Execution reports
We generate reports to monitor business process performance and detect opportunities.
> Task assignment
Create parameterized alarms and requests that alert one or more members of your team to situations requiring their intervention.
> Management reports
Simplify data visualization and facilitate faster diagnostics to guide actionable decision-making.

Our information tools

Our tools simplify data visualization and favor early detection of opportunities for an enhanced decision-making process.

>  GDS Trace

An app specially designed to keep track of key execution indicators on the sales floor: presence, display, prices, promotions, POP material, etc. Anomaly alerts, compliance reports, trends and evolutions. Online information updates.


An app aimed at assisting you with control and execution at the point of sale. 1- Key performance indicators provided by GDS audit. 2- Organization of corrective tasks to be activated on the sales floor. 3- Ad hoc surveys and notifications of task completion. GDS DUO feeds from predictive intelligence processes applied to transactional data of stocks, sales, orders and other business parameters.

>  Online Analytics

A platform for the multidimensional analysis of information. This tool makes it possible to generate customized reports in order to analyze all the management variables, using grouping and segmentation rules adjusted to your business.

>  GDS Business Intelligence

Development of dashboards and control panels that facilitate diagnostics and management across different organization levels. Design and personalized training.

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